Wendell Logan Series

"Lifted (For Shoulders)"

A West African inspired seat. Hand constructed from recovered oak beams and a found hickory hog stretcher [notched back rest], inspired by the Grandfather Seats of the Dan people of Liberia and Côte d’Ivoire, shouldering Wendell's soprano and bag.

Mouth pieces from his trumpet strung with carved bone and glass beads, rest among wooden bells slung over the right shoulder.  A birdhouse composed from a recovered maple beam (entrances facing forward and back) rests on the seat, housing an oversized neck rest within the open structure.

Beeswax embedded with wildflowers pools on the lap of the chair and spills over…

"As The Wheel Comes Around"

A West African inspired seat (hand constructed from recovered oak beams), with a vintage camera embedded within beeswax inside of a pewter bowl resting upon the lap.  The mouthpiece to Wendell's horn extends from a woven leather belt folded over suede draped across the right shoulder of the seat.  A clutch of piano strings arc from beneath the seat and brush the floor on either side…

"The Archivist"

A vintage camera encased in a block of beeswax set upon a stool composed from recovered oak beam.  Recovered piano strings are stitched through glass beads pinned to the seat, and brush the floor in an arc around the seat.



Wendell Logan's music stand - dressed with goatskin (from djembe drum), Wendell's leather belt, and bell (from porch), hand carved recovered oak draped with fabric sash

“In The Tradition: Original Ancestors”
(for Bettye and Wendell)

Showcased at the Kohl Building, Oberlin College, OH

Cymbal from Billy Hart’s kit, flat wound strings from Bobby Ferazza’s guitar, Marcus Belgrave’s alto trumpet, mouthpiece from Robin Eubanks’ trombone, bridge and strings from Peter Dominguez’s bass, key from Dan Wall’s  piano, strap and brush from Gary Bartz’s horn. Also included are hand written chart for “Goodbye Bellagio: Song for Bettye”, soil from outside of the building where Dr. Wendell Logan practiced in Thompson, GA., hog stretcher, garden hoe, and seats hand built from oak and hickory recovered from this landscape.